Started in 1995, M&P Healthcare is the most diversified portfolio of M&P. We are proud to be the first and the only in the category. As a company that complies with the highest known standards in the world and experts in marketing and promotion of healthcare products, we are a sole representative of Convatec and a contract marketer for GSK. We also hold the Best Launch of the Year Award for launching Theragon Ultra.

Our focus is Operation Rooms with an absolute reach. Whether it is an open or a laparoscopic surgery, knee/hip replacement, sterilization of instruments, wound care or colostomy, our dedicated teams are always there to ensure product availability and brand success. From product launch, development and sales growth to marketing, distribution and awareness creation, a team of refined experts makes it all possible. We also have proven expertise in marketing niche products through concept selling and targeting rare disorders such as metabolic disorder (Inborn Errors of Metabolism).

Sharing the trust of a massive client base, we have proactive teams
that have been developed to anticipate and meet needs.