Our Vision

To be the first choice Distribution House in Pakistan with diverse businesses and commitment to expand into
regional markets.

Our Mission

Everything that we do at M&P is driven by trust, quality, and excellence to provide the highest levels of services for our people. We believe innovation, infrastructure, ethics, and social responsibility are an integral part of our business; therefore, we unite all to deliver solutions to create value and success.

We go the extra mile to open doors to your success. We are M&P.

SINCE 1912

A Story of Heritage

Leading the Way since a Century.

M&P has come a long way. From using camel carts in 1912 to innovative solutions today, We have been working in this geography for the last 108+ years. Our relationship capital in the Pakistani market, especially with the retailers and wholesalers, is extending beyond generations. We lead the way in distribution with a strong legacy and vast experience.

We have a very strong reputation for being an honest, ethical, and law-abiding business entity, providing authentic products without any ethical issues and compliance. We have been working for over 100 years with International suppliers and have enabled the availability of quality international products across the various business lines.


The Company We Keep

Our story began in 1912 in Karachi where we slowly developed a strong distribution network and have since grown into one of the leading distribution networks in the country. We began with a simple mission: help people get what they need, when they need it.

As the world has changed, Muller & Phipps also developed and evolved but our core values remained the same: our devotion to integrity, accountability, customer service, innovation and team-work.

Part of The Getz Group, which is an international marketing and distribution company having a presence across 150 locations, 18000+ resources and 52 countries throughout the Asia Pacific region, we have over time been able to professionally serve our stakeholders to create a win-win situation when it comes to providing the best of services.

With our association with The Getz Group of Companies we have been able to capitalize on the vast knowledge and expertise that comes with its association to further enhance the overall competitiveness of our services.


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    1995 - Diversified in Hospital Products

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    1994 - Re-entered the FMCG market

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    1985 - System Automation

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    1975 - Multi Coverage System & Outstation Servicing via Owned Vans

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    1963 - Started Pharma Distribution

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    1935 - Introduced Top Brands

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    1912 - Inception




Culture, Performance & Talent

The essence of our cultural philosophy is about being one step ahead. This is just an outward result of the fight we have within. Everyday our fight is against a bad plan, every lost second time, a kilometer unreached and a customer product, service or experience undelivered. This also makes us all the more committed and dedicated to our shareholders, stakeholders, principals, customers, suppliers, employees and the society at large.

We live by a dream where the promise is reach, improved quality of lives and business partnerships that can be trusted a hundred percent. Whether it be our long term decision making processes or just daily conducts & behaviors, we prioritize creating a work environment that is both ethical and excellence based. Our work environment is driven by strengthening relationships. We are passionate about continuous learning and determined to achieve our goals in any and every situation. Our culture only makes us stand out with outstanding performance year after year.

And this is all impossible without a team that is anything less than magnificent. That is why we aim to provide fulfilling careers and not just ‘jobs’. Our performance management is based on a One Page Business Plan tying individual goals to business objectives, leading to methodical training and development initiatives. Our talent management including appraisal and succession are in-depth and individual based.

Our Responsibility Towards Pakistan

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our organization. So much so, that we find it deeply embedded in our culture. We have laid out some highlights of our CSR activities. We are proud of our efforts and striving to do so much more than this.

Patient Support Program with Novartis

We aligned with Novartis to launch our Patient Support Program. We realize the need for accessible medicines for the less privileged. With skyrocketing prices of medicines, we partnered with Novartis to provide FOC Oncology medicines to those in need and unable to afford them.

Financial Aid to NGOs

We truly salute NGOs for selflessly serving hundreds of people. As a small token of appreciation, our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer recommend financial donations to various NGOs serving the less privileged of our society.

Low Emission Vehicles

We believe in environmental preservation. A preserved environment is the key to a safer future for all of us. To play our small part in this preservation, we have ensured the use of low emission vehicles and logistics.

Fair & Free Competition

We promote fair and free competition in the market. Abiding by regulations set by the authorities, we ensure a healthy competition.



Managing Director & CEO



General Managers

Company Quality & HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environmental) Policies

At M&P we are driven to ensure quality of services, safety of people and environment by implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 in our business operations.

Whistle Blowing Policy

Please see the Awareness video on M&P Whistle Blowing Policy along with contact details below:

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Our Affiliations

M&P is an active part of various associations to extend our mission of innovation, care, ethics, and responsibility into the lives of the people we serve. Our tremendous growth in the past years has allowed us to forge powerful relationships with the member associations to deliver the high quality and standards that our customers require. Our member associations are listed below: