Business Performance

Our heritage of excellence goes hand in hand with the brilliance of our growing numbers. With a compound annual growth of 18.6% between 2017 to 2023, our annual revenue past year stands at a mighty PKR 219 Billion. Our people force nationwide today stands at a 8000+. These are numbers that not only make us proud but speak for our well-rooted far-reaching success.

Our Businesses

“To be a premier regional partner for sales and distribution of Healthcare, Consumer,
Pharmaceutical and Telecommunication products.”



A driver of excellence in the industry as full-line distributors.


Rich heritage of over 110 + years, best in class pharmaceutical clients, unmatched reach / frequency, and continuously expanding physical footprint across Pakistan is what characterizes M&P Pakistan’s pharmaceutical division as an agile and growth focused sales & distribution partner for our principles. M&P Pakistan’s pharmaceutical division is second to none when it comes to handling registered and OTC brands of various therapeutic groups with a variety of product specifications, dosage forms & temperature requirements.

Over a century of distribution excellence by means of physical booking through shop-to-shop sales calls, we have brought in a new era of operational renaissance. Evening supplies, home delivery, cool chain transportation, multi-coverage systems (including owned vans for outstation servicing), B2C & B2B e-commerce capabilities and outlet coverage as per customer need and business potential. Moreover, M&P Pharmaceutical Division has a strong liaison with institutions, Govt. / armed forces, local hospitals, clinics and above all at customers belonging to retail, wholesale, chain pharmacy, hospital vicinity, private hospital pharmacy, e-commerce channels across Pakistan that are imperative to shape and bring forth aggressive growth with quality distribution & logistics services that we are known for.

  • Reach: 780+ Towns & Cities, 45,000+ Pharmacies, 2500+ Bricks, Specialists & Institutes
  • Coverage & Frequency: Same Day, Daily, Quardruple, Weekly, Fortnightly.
  • Experience: 110+ Years

  • Team: 850+ Rich Market Experienced Professionals Nationwide Led by a dynamic team of managers and C level leadership at head office based at Karachi.
  • Technology: Most Advanced MIS, Android Devices/HHT’s.
  • Solutions: Value Added Services, Ecommerce, 3PL, Promotion & Tailor-made Solutions.
  • Physical footprint: Nationwide footprint with 69+ Depots, 6 Satellite Depots, 16 stockiest and 590+ Temperature Controlled Vans.
  • Financial: A+ Strong

On annual average, M&P is Reaching out to 55,000+ outlets existed in 780+ Towns/Cities on a 6 days cycle. This extended coverage and frequency is unmatched with any other pharma distributor.


Established in 2011, M&P Telecom became a distribution partner for PTCL EVO ensuring the reach of their devices to retail across Pakistan. In 2012, M&P Telecom started serving Samsung. Huawei joined the league in 2014. As the largest leading national distributor for this growing industry, M&P Telecom also spearheads Distribution and Marketing for HTC & Microsoft.

With the recent induction of Dell Global B.V, M&P has now entered into the distribution of ICT products in Pakistan

From outlet wise credit monitoring to automated inventory management, M&P Telecom thrives on technology on-ground. Our warehousing facilities are huge accompanied by a packaging and repacking operation that stands at an expandable capacity of 150,000 units per month. With all aspects of traditional supply chain management covered, we also provide reverse logistics facility and product specific business process engineering for our principals. We entertain warranty claims on behalf of our principals via our service centers and collection points across Pakistan. Besides basic reporting, we also bring back valuable market feedback, intelligence and unexplored avenues of growth.

  • Reach: 146+ Towns, 2200+ outlets
  • Flexibility: Customized Credit Payment Cycles & Terms
  • Technology: e-Invoicing, 1300+ Android Devices
  • People: Competent, Trained Workforce, Engineers
  • After Sales Service: Service Centers & Collection Points across Pakistan
  • Financial: A+ Strong


As the world changes with Telecommunications, we stay the game-changer in the category.

Adding value for principals by reducing complexity, and be their preferred distribution partner across the urban and rural.


The First & The Only Specialist Optimizing Patient Care.


Started in 1995, Healthcare Division is the most diversified portfolio of M&P; a leading Partner in Health Care Community. Healthcare division complies with the highest standards of ethical marketing representing world leading manufacturers Johnson & Johnson, Danone, Convatec & ASP. Our distinctive feature is to develop & train Health Care Professionals through tailor made/customized Professional Education Programs in collaboration with various societies.

Our strength is Operation Room & Health Care Professionals; we have a focused & dedicated sales team for each Business Unit considering the needs of Health Care Professionals. We cover all medium and large size Hospitals in public and private sector, medical centers, nursing homes, maternity homes, clinic, etc. We participate in all major tenders of Pakistan besides, rate running contracts with big institutions in private sector. From product launch, development and sales growth through effective marketing, distribution and awareness campaigns, a team of experts makes it all possible. We also have proven expertise in marketing niche products through concept selling and targeting rare conditions such as metabolic disorders (Inborn Errors of Metabolism).

  • Reach: 707 Institutes Nationwide
  • Team: 290+ Professionals Nationwide
  • Solutions: Round the Clock, Tailor-made, Customized
  • Financial: A+ Strong

Sharing the trust of a massive client base, we have proactive teams that have been developed to anticipate and meet needs.


Incepted in 1935, M&P Consumer today serves as a dependable market winner for countless prestigious principals including Unilever Pakistan and Pepsi Cola International. Our reach is matchless with 300+ towns and 50,000+ outlets covered. A 2012 global award and 2015 Vision of PKR 2 Billion Revenue in Cosmetics and representing British Petroleum in Pakistan with their brand Castrol are just a few of many successes that have come our way.

Our attention to detail in every step of the brand business makes all the difference. Our customized approach for each brand we deal goes beyond just distribution and logistics. It is brand building with careful planning from product-launching to market-winning. Our branding expertise includes Brand Communications, Activations, Channel Development, Trade Marketing (like Retailer Drives, Schemes, Competitions, etc.), Modern Trade Activations, Merchandising, In-store Promotions, Pricing and more. We also put forward further growth ideas, market intelligence and strategic gap analysis besides regular business reporting.

  • Reach: 300+ Towns, 50,000+ outlets
  • Flexibility: Customized Brand Solutions
  • Technology: e-Invoicing and reporting, HHTs
  • Exclusivity: Dedicated Sales Force
  • Team: 2000+ Professionals
  • Financial: A+ Strong


A portfolio made of the finest global leaders in the consumer goods market.

Customized, comprehensive and optimized business engineering solutions based on technology that promises clarity and competency.


Making money count more than ever before.


This is a rather recent addition to the M&P Portfolio. With HBL, EasyPaisa, Bank Alfalah & UBL Omni as key partners, we have developed strong relationships with 8000+ retailers (our agents) that provide services of transferring money to loved ones across the nation hence enabling large part of the population to be financial included. Every cellphone has now become a mobile wallet as we empower the Pakistani consumer like never before.

This is revolutionary. With banking penetration at only 14% in Pakistan, banking the unbanked is one important service imperative in our society. As an omni channel partner, we intend to connect superstores across Pakistan, partner with various e-portals, and ensure alternate payment and seamless doorstep delivery systems to lay a strong foundation for the rising e-commerce industry in Pakistan. If all is a click away, why not the system of buying, selling and paying!

  • Partnerships: Dependable and Top Notch
  • Team: 1000+ Professionals Nationwide
  • Strategy: Customized & Competitive for each Principal’s need
  • Technology: State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Financial: A+ Strong

Tracking trends earlier on and a precise judgment of changing customer expectations lets us set market winning strategies well in advance.


Supermarkets, chemists, general stores, cosmetic stores, computer shops, pan shops, telecom outlets, kiryana outlets and bakeries, from Karachi to the Khunjerab Pass, from Gawadar to Umarkot, our reach leaves nothing out as the largest national distribution network covering more than 950 towns and cities across the country. Tell us what and we will tell you the how, where and why at great lengths and respective to each category.

The best nationwide, M&P Logistics offers all the services under one roof. From warehousing to inventory management, e-invoicing to channel development, home delivery to cool chain, we ensure that stocks reach the market in likeable condition. Our processes are systematic and computerized living by effectiveness and efficiency standards of each principal. Our compliance with regulations and other standards also promise smooth and superior operational functioning.

  • Reach: 950+ Towns & Cities, 89+ locations
  • Infrastructure: 7 Warehouses, 50 shared depots, 29 dedicated depots, 900+ vans
  • Team: 1000+ Professionals Nationwide
  • Scope: Comprehensive Supply Chain Management, Distribution, Warehousing, Cool Chain.

  • Technology: e-Inventory, e-Invoicing, HHTs
  • Financial: A+ Strong


Prime Logistics Services & A Winning Workforce Across Pakistan.


Ecommerce & A Winning Workforce Across Pakistan.


AT M&P, the need for ecommerce was realized and met in a very short span of time with the AppTak ecommerce platform est. 2019 with our Customer Mobile Application to aid not just our customers, but our very valuable employees, while maintaining all the standards for social procedure as per our values. We achieved a sale of more than 1.2 billion(B2B) in mere 8 months of launch of the customer application and the AppTak website and mobile application has achieved more than 10,000 orders with 105+ million worth of sales (B2C). Our ecommerce network is large covering customers from several backgrounds be it businesses or end-consumers.

With our very capable logistics force, we have managed to deliver orders in due time to more than 950 locations nationwide. To ensure that our customer receive exactly what they were promised we use effective inventory management software and perfect storage conditions with no disappointments. We minimized distances and we promised happiness.

  • Reach: Across Pakistan and expanding
  • Delivery Channel: M&P own delivery channel and MPEX (
  • Business Segment: Consumer, Healthcare, Telecom, Computing
  • Scope: A comprehensive online business eco-system catering to all business segments with comprehensive & adavanced technological features.
  • Technology: B2B, B2C and C2C

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